Natural Family Planning Basics

Learn the basics and get support integrating Natural Family Planning into your life.

NFP is more than "Catholic Birth Control."

It's a way to plan your family (avoiding or conceiving) while working alongside God's plan for your marriage.

Does this sound like you?

• You've never heard of Natural Family Planning

• You've heard of NFP but have no idea how to integrate it into your life

• You have questions about which method to pick and how to find an instructor

• You're getting married soon

If any of those describe you, NFP Basics is for you!

Comprehensive Introduction Video

Watch the NFP Basics video in the comfort of your home on your own time. Unlike live or in person introduction classes, you're able to engage in the material when the timing is good for you. Watch the video with your fiancé/spouse or watch separately.

In the video you'll hear the why behind the church's teaching on contraception and Natural Family Planning as well as receive an overview of fertility science and the different method options available to you.

Surveys to Get to Know What You Need

After you watch the video, you and your fiancé/spouse will each take a survey. This will help us in providing you with the information and resources that are personalized to you and your needs.

Your coach will review these surveys before meeting with you and make sure she is prepared to offer you the support that you need.

One-on-One Accompaniment

Unlike other NFP introductions that give you a ton of information and then leave you hanging, NFP Basics will walk you through your first steps (and beyond) when it comes to integrating Natural Family Planning into your life.

From answering your specific questions to helping you decide which method to use and connecting you with an instructor, NFP Basics embraces Jesus's call to accompaniment and discipleship.

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How long do I have access?

You'll have 90 days of access to the course materials. Most couples complete the entire course from the video to the live follow up session in less than a week.

Who is this course for?

This course is for engaged or married couples who are looking for support in integrating NFP into their life and marriage. NFP Basics serves as a marriage preparation requirement in many dioceses and can fulfill a requirement for an introduction to Natural Family Planning.

Will this fulfill my marriage preparation requirements?

If your parish or diocese requires an introduction to Natural Family Planning, NFP Basics can be a great choice to fulfill that requirement.

If your parish or diocese requires a full course of instruction, NFP Basics can be a great first step to help you choose a method and get connected with an instructor!

If you are not sure if NFP Basics will fulfill your marriage preparation requirement, please reach out to your marriage preparation coordinator.

Please note that within the Diocese of Phoenix, NFP Basics only fulfills your NFP requirement in special circumstances. Please contact the office of Natural Family Planning for details.

Why should I purchase this course?

Natural Family Planning is the only method of family planning that works within God's design of our bodies and of married love. NFP is not "Catholic Birth Control" as some have dubbed it and as such it needs a bit more of an introduction than a 10 minute doctor's appointment.

If you're getting married and you have a requirement for a Natural Family Planning introduction, this course can fulfill that requirement.

What if I am past menopause?

Your parish or diocese may still require an introduction to NFP even if you are past child bearing age for a number of reasons. Understanding Natural Family Planning and the church's teaching on the marital act can greatly impact your future marriage even if children are no longer in the picture. It is also vital that we continue to share this information with our own children and friends.

While it might feel unnecessary, NFP Basics can be a wonderful choice for a couple past child bearing years because we can tailor your one on one session to questions you have or resources you might be interested in (for example: resources to share charting and NFP with teenage or young adult children)

What if I have questions or technical issues?

If you have questions at any time while you are taking the course, email [email protected]

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