Give your couples the accompaniment and support they need to embrace Natural Family Planning

NFP is used by about 2% of Catholic Couples

Whatever we've been doing in marriage prep to introduce NFP obviously hasn't been working

It's time to make a change

Discipleship and accompaniment is the way Jesus did it.

Why isn't that what we're doing?

NFP Basics is different
  • One on one accompaniment with each couple

  • Individualized recommendations and resources

  • Comprehensive overview of both church teaching and fertility science

  • Introduction to all methods of fertility awareness including: Billings, Boston Cross Check, Creighton, FEMM, Marquette, Sympto-Thermal, Temperature only, and Standard Days/Calendar methods.

  • Support in selecting a method and getting connected with an instructor

  • Lifetime support offered to every couple who comes through the program

Here's what doesn't work:

• One "intro to NFP" session nestled into a busy weekend of marriage prep.

• No "why" behind the church teaching before requiring a full course in a method of NFP.

• Couples are required to simply watch a video and "reach out if they have questions"

• Instructors listed on the website without any support in the differences of methods or how to select one.

What does NFP Basics Include?

Comprehensive Introduction Video

Couples watch the 45 minute NFP Basics video in the comfort of their home on their own time. Unlike live or in-person introduction classes, they are able to engage in the material when the timing is good, and not when they are overwhelmed by tons of other marriage prep materials.

The video covers the why behind the church's teaching on contraception and Natural Family Planning as well an overview of fertility science and the different method options.

Women's and Men's Surveys

After the video, the program includes separate surveys for both the women and men. This ensures that they engaged with the material in the video and helps us in providing information and resources that are personalized to the couple's needs.

Not everyone is at the same step in the process, so we never provide a huge list of resources and expect couples to sift through it themselves. We provide what is most pertinent to each couple.

One-on-One Accompaniment

Unlike other NFP introductions that give couples a ton of information and then leave them hanging, NFP Basics walks couples through their first steps (and beyond) when it comes to integrating Natural Family Planning into their lives.

From answering specific questions to helping decide which method to use and connecting them with an instructor, NFP Basics embraces Jesus's call to accompaniment and discipleship.

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How do we know NFP Basics works?

Here's what we've seen in the final surveys:

• 65% of participants plan to definitely use a method of NFP

• 30% of participants do not plan to any form of family planning

• Less than 3% of participants plan to use a form of contraception after completing NFP Basics.

Where is NFP Basics?

Here's a few of the dioceses who promote NFP Basics:

What are people saying about NFP Basics?

“NFP Basics is a great way to introduce couples to the beauty of NFP.  Couples learn on their own schedule and get to meet personally with a coach to answer their questions and choose a method of NFPthat works with their lifestyle..”

— Dn. Dave and Carlin Gould, Diocese of Santa Rosa Directors of Marriage and Family

I heartily endorse the NFP Basics course as a strong overview of NFP, with a personalized twist that hopefully moves couples toward a deeper understanding of why this can be such an important part of a couple's marriage. In personal conversations with the engaged, I have been very pleased with their positive feedback..”

— Mimi Streett, Diocese of Oakland Coordinator of Marriage and Family

All I can say is that, I did not know there is more to Natural Family Planning than just doing it the natural way, or just considering abstinence on times where you don't want to conceive. I loved learning the real meaning of it all.

— NFP Basics Participant

"The introductory program is great and the one-on-one zoom call with [our coach] was great. She was very helpful and patient. Enjoyed learning from it. Keep up the great work!

— NFP Basics Participant

I thought the debrief session was helpful in helping us choose a method that might fit our situation

— NFP Basics Participant

Our coach, was very good and great with the follow-up information she provided. She was very knowledgeable with the answers provided.

— NFP Basics Participant


How long do couples have access?

Couples have 90 days of access to the course materials. Most couples complete the entire course from the video to the live follow up session in 1-2 weeks.

Who is this course for?

This course is for engaged or married couples who are looking for support in integrating NFP into their life and marriage. NFP Basics serves as a marriage preparation requirement in many dioceses and can fulfill the requirement for an introduction to Natural Family Planning.

How much does NFP Basics cost?

NFP Basics is $30 per couple and this includes the video portion as well as the live coaching session. Couples can be directed to pay individually or we can set up invoicing for a parish or diocese who would like to cover the cost for their couples. We have a high volume discount for parishes or dioceses who consistently have more than 20 couples per month, just ask!

How much work is necessary for the marriage prep team?

We know how much you have on your plate. This is a done for you program, we handle the couples from sign up through the live session. Couples receive a certificate of completion that they provide to the marriage prep coordinator.

Why Should we use this program in our marriage preparation process?

We have a contraception crisis in our Church today, especially in young couples preparing for marriage. The ways we have been introducing NFP in the past haven't been working. It's time for a new approach.

NFP Basics focuses on giving each couple one on one attention and support. We help couples navigate choosing a method, learning about church teaching, and signing up for a course.

How do I get started? What does the implementation process look like?

There is no training or implementation time. You simply need to provide the sign up link to your couples. If you would like to be invoiced for the couples who go through the program, we will need 1 business day to get that set up.

Ready to get started supporting your couples in choosing NFP? Email [email protected] and we'll get you set up to start directing couples to the program during their marriage preparation process. You can also fill out the sign up form inside the free sample course. Sign up above.

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